Re: Mystery Swiss Diesel Switcher 1986

Martin Baumann

I think the orange loco on the picture that started the thread is actually Ruston 497743 I missed the footnote in I.L.O.S saying that St Triphon Refinery 1 was renumbered to 4 II in 1994

They got four locos new in 1963. Ruston 497743 to 499746:

1 renumbered 4 II 1994 stopped 2004 scrapped 2006
2 scrapped 1994
3 stopped 2004 scrapped 2006
4 1995 to Rive Blue Bouveret, 1998 to Arnold Fluelen. I beleive this loco is still dumped at Fluelen station

The page has the wrong works number on the page mentioned by Stefan.

(Ruston info from the late Richard Bowen's excellent lists)

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