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However, worth looking out for at Marin station is the interesting branch (or long siding) up to a Migros warehouse which is steep and sharply curved. It was still worked by an old Ee3/3 when I last visited as recently as November 2012, but…

However, from recent reports it seems that what was an Ae6/6 trip working until recently (with separate shunters needed for the branches) has changed dramatically. It looks like the trip has been taken over by a new class 923 electro-diesel shunter which can presumably work all parts of the manoeuvre. Previously three locos were sometimes used, the Ae6/6 on the main line, a diesel shunter for the non-electrified siding at Sous les Vignes, and a shunter for the long siding at Marin.

And before anyone asks, despite being two axle, Class 923 is capable of 100 km/h and is more powerful than a British Rail Class 31 diesel!
Clearly not as interesting to railway enthusiasts but very interesting to the Finance department as seemingly three locos have been replaced by one!

Thanks for your update on the Marin trip working.

Had the Migros move a couple of times on my visits:
and with Makies providing the barriers, also:

With a 923, they won't need the barrier wagons, I guess!

The 923 will also cover the Colombier and other local trips I guess?

Love the reference to a Class 31 and its pulling 'power'!



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