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I notice on the 14/09/13 there is an RhB Landquart Davos Filisur Chur
steam excursion, seeing as I am in the locality it would be rude not
to try and get a few snaps. There are some outline times on the RhB
site, but seeing as it doesn't normally take about 3 hours to get
from Landquart to Davos there must be some watering stops etc.
Anyone fill in any gaps for me?
Ta...   From previous experience, it is likely to stop at Grüsch (  ) before continuing up the valley allowing further photo opportunities at Jenaz (  ) and Fideris (  ) before a lengthy stop at Küblis (  ) with an opportunity to make one's way to a suitable vantage point for the departure (  ).  Another lengthy stop at Klosters giving ample time to find a spot on the climb to Davos (  ).  An even longer stop at Davos before a quick run through Wiesen (  ) to Filisur.  Just enough time at Filisur to get to the vantage point above Landwasser viaduct for one more  photo (  ).   One thing to add, the assisting Ge6/6II has been photoshopped out of the shot at Davos Wolfgang.   Alan.

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