Re: BLS Re 4/4 (Re 425) Assignments


Am 30.04.2014 05:53, schrieb
I would like to know if there are specific permanent assignments
(Cargo/Passenger Divisions) for the BLS Re 4/4 or whether the locos
are assigned to passenger or freight traffic on some other basis?
The only assignments in passenger traffic are the Kandersteg�Goppenstein car shuttles.

In freight traffic I can't tell you what the exact assignments are but you will meet them on many trains on the Basel�Domodossola line. I'm not sure if there is still something left of the Gotthard assignments.

Two special assignments are the RailCare trains to Felsberg (RhB) where modern locomotives can't be used (unless their software would be made fit for running at 11 kV) and a pair of trains Emmenbr�cke�Luzern�Chiasso and back with Eaos and an Re 425 top and tail in the Luzern area (to avoid shunting in Luzern).

LBT assignments are Re 4/4 170...190 which are fitted with ETCS, the Gotthard, Felsberg and car shuttle traffic is mostly 162..169 and 191�195.

Markus, G�rbetal

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