Re: Securitas train in Bern


Am 30.04.2014 17:34, schrieb George Raymond:
Past posts here have described the Securitas �jail rail� train, a
self-propelled railcar and a windowless driving carriage marked Securitas
for the transport of prisoners. Today about 11:15, I saw it pass westbound
under the B�hlstrasse bridge just west of Bern station. The short train
moved on a left-hand turnout from track 1 onto the southernmost track and
was still waiting there 10 minutes later when I had to continue to an
appointment. I can imagine that for security�s sake, each run is planned
individually and confidentially.
is the place where the prisoners board the train and the train is scheduled so you can expect it always at the same time.

In the beginning the train was propelled by an Re 4/4 II and I wonder how long it will take until they are back, as the RBes are on the way out.

Markus, G�rbetal

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