Re: WG: articule Bulle-Broc en voie normale

Andrew Moglestue

Because (for example) extending the present regio express to Broc would require more than a simple re-gauging. It would require building long platforms not only in Broc station but also at the intermediate stops between there and Bulle. In many cases there isn't the space for this so land would have to be acquired and the impact would be huge. I know Broc does get a lot of tourists, but I doubt their numbers would justify the scale of the investment. It sounds like a complete overkill to me, and furthermore the government spending a lot of money to benefit a single private enterprise (Cailler-Suchard) must certainly lead to questions being asked. Surely a simple re-gauging plus change of electrification would be sufficient to save the freight service, and a local passenger service could be provided with a suitable short train such as a GTW, all within the present right of way.

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