Re: Luzern restaurants

George Raymond

Markus wrote: "worst" is correct. SBB is going to put its ticket sale up there. ...
Des: I told my Mother who has also used the restaurant many times (despite
having zero interest in railways), her response was "How ridiculous! Wrong place
for a ticket office. Restaurant always had lots of custom as well, can't
understand that". While I have zero experience in railway station planning,
I would have thought a ticket office optimal location to be between the main
entrance and the platforms. Having a significant amount of people (certainly
more people use the ticket office than use the restaurants) having to negotiate
the escalators to the top floor is far from customer friendly. I would imagine
this move is driven by retail rental space yields.
Bern's ticket office is already upstairs. The ticket office is nowadays more for occasional or international trips. The vast majority of riders have passes or get their tickets from the machines downstairs. Of course nobody likes to go upstairs. But I share your suspicion that SBB sees more value in renting ground-level space to retailers.


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