Re: 421375 currently with SBB

George Raymond

> "Offizielle Initialen" must be unique within Switzerland, a "VKM" must be
unique within Europe. In a few cases, this may cause problems:

> BC is a long used initial within Switzerland but is occupied on the
European level by the Belarus Railways. To find a way out, BC accepted to be
called cmBC (chemin de fer musé Blonay - Chamby) in an international railway
context but keeps BC for public use.

> WAB stands for Wengeneralpbahn within Swiss public transport but for
Westfälische Almetalbahn (the company which operates the former Lokoop ex-DR
142) on a European railway level. As the German WAB has no commercial
activities within Switzerland, this doesn't cause problems.

BAM = BAM Rail (Netherlands)
BAM = Bière-Apples-Morges (Switzerland; part of MBC)
BAM = Baikal–Amur Mainline (Russia)


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