Re: New north-south rail routes across the Swiss Alps


I wondered about the Simplon but then realised that once the upgrading works have been completed, it is a relatively straightforward route with few of the restrictions and track capacity problems of the old Gotthard and Lotchberg routes. As the Gotthard route seems to be a primary artery and that there will be capacity released once the new tunnel is opened (and the bottle neck south of Bellinzona removed once the Ceneri base tunnel opens), I should imagine that the pressure on the north south arteries will be much reduced. I should also imagine that with the Italian economy in the doldrums, there will be not much appetite there for an expensive infrastructure project for the foreseeable future. It will only be when the European economic situation returns to strong growth and demand for transit moves through Switzerland increases will the need for more infrastructure become apparent and I cant see that happening for many years yet.

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