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Some of the locomotives were sold by the railway to associations and groups. Others are owned by SBB Historic but have been loaned/leased/rented to associations in exchange for the upkeep of the equipment. I don't know the exact terms, but these deals keep the locomotives in operating condition and likely ensure that the equipment is available to SBB Historic on preferential terms for excursion and ceremonial use. Some of the associations have acquired more than one locomotive and parts from one or two have been used to restore the main unit to operative condition and to provide a parts supply for future repairs.

For example, the DSF (Fricktal/Koblenz) acquired the former SOB BDe 4/4 80 from the Verein Mirage in 2010 and intended to use it as a parts source for their former WM BDe 4/4. It was then decided that it would be easier to repair the SOB BDe 4/4 than to repair the WM one, so it was put back into operating condition. Since then, they have been operating both of these units on excursions and charters.

Ae 4/7 10997 is owned by Classic Rail and is used by the Club San Gottardo for charters and excursions, primarily on the Gotthard route.

Ae 6/6 11421 Graub√ľnden is owned by SBB Historic but was leased to a Verein that originally wanted to acquire 11403.

This site has some photos and lists many of the Vereins:

Regards Mike C

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