Re: Narrow gauge line in Oerlikon

Chris Wood

On further reflection:

I estimate the gauge to have been 30 or 40cm
That is very narrow. I cannot find any examples of industrial railways as narrow as 300mm gauge; gauges that small seem only to have been used for miniature railways (park railways and such like). Is there any possibility that one of the Oerlikon companies got into building miniature steam locomotives (as Krupp in Germany certainly did) and needed a test track?.

Decauville did originally make portable 400mm gauge railways, but most of their systems seem to have been to 500mm or 600mm gauge. The adoption of 600mm gauge for the battlefield railways of the First World War, and the resulting supply of cheap war-surplus equipment, meant that the vast majority of minimum gauge industrial railways post-1918 were to 600mm gauge.

None of which, I'm afraid, answers your question. But it does make it more interesting.

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