loco and stock utlisation changes from December 2015


reported with all usual disclaimers...

Valais (Geneve - Brig) to be MkIV push pull sets with Re460, vice traditional sets hauled in both directions

As I understand it the MkIV driving trailers will be available for Valais because:

various IC sets running out of Zurich towards Bern comprising more than 10 coaches will be converted to top and tail 460. This is to promote better timekeeping as there are several places on the east-west route where circumstances could cause delays in the coming year, ie the incline out of the new Zurich tunnel, engineering work at Lausanne, engineering work between Bern and Zurich

The 460s for these will come from Valais (fewer locos needed for push pull sets as per change above) and the Gotthard, where 460s will be replaced with ETCS equipped Re4/4II, double headed on heavier trains

So, for the photographers the challenge this summer on the Gotthard will be to photograph the Re460s in preference to the Re4/4II, not the other way round as might have been expected!

Basel - Zurich loco hauled IR to be Re4/4II

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