Re: Quesiton about St. Moritz Station.

Chris Wood


You write:

What puzzles me is however is that the bridge looks recent. If the idea to extend the line to Maloja
has been abandoned a long time ago why is it there?
I thought that too, after I'd taken a look with StreetView. But what a close examination of the surroundings using StreetView also shows is that the 'hillside' into which the line appears to disappear is not as natural as it looks at first sight; especially if you look at it from the lakeside road. My guess is that it is a parking garage cunningly disguised as a hill.

Of course that doesn't answer why anybody would want to extend a rail line into a parking garage. One thought I had was that 'underground' depots or sidings aren't that uncommon at Swiss railway stations (think Forch, Ponte Tresa, or Kleine Scheidegg) but I thought I would have known about it if it was that.

Another possibility is that the Wikipedia article is essentially correct, and when the road was widened at some stage the RhB had got used to using the stub as a headshunt and insisted on it being retained. Or it could be, as you say, a third, even lower, section of the funicular that never got opened. Or I guess there is always the military option, although the middle of prime tourist territory is a bit of an odd place for a military installation.

Beginning to feel this might be the excuse needed for a site visit. :-)


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