Re: June 1, 2016 Gotthard Base Tunnel ride

John Lovda

When you say "mules," are these the equivalent of the hundreds of movie extras during huge riot or battle scenes? It will be a little anticlimactic for the 50k-100K expected visitors at Erstfeld and Biasca to see one train enter and one train exit each portal and listen to some speeches. Too bad they didn't send all regular trains over the old route that day and charge 25 Francs for charity and run specials every hour all day in both directions.

Speaking of security, is there any talk of requiring passengers on the future regular trains of passing through security with metal detectors, etc. as is done on the Eurostar? Apparently, the all Swiss passenger requirement must have been mandated to ease the security scrutiny.

The ironic part of the special ride is that in essence the passengers will be part of Swiss and rail history yet basically be taking the same "Worm Hole" ride they have done for decades but at a higher speed for a longer time. I hope the walls of the tunnel are painted with some neat pattern as that is all you will see. Some movie star or politician will get to ride with the driver.


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