More questions about Gotthard Tunnel opening celebration

John Lovda

Does anyone have more detailed information about what will take place at Erstfeld and Biasca on June 4th and 5th? There was a previous statement on the SBB website (somewhere) that they were expecting over 50,000 people for the celebration. Since I am not a Swiss citizen, I can't enter the drawing for the June 1 ride anyway. If there will not be any public train rides on those days, what will happen besides just looking at the portals? Speeches by government and railroad officials? Will there be historic locomotives to walk through? What would make the day special for me to attend? I am assuming the "action" will take place about a km north of the old depot by the tunnel entrance. From previous rides past that area, it does not seem to be normally accessible to the public. I am planning to come this summer to take pictures anyway. I just don't want to be really disappointed if flights are not available around then.

John Lovda
Canton, OH USA

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