Re: re More questions about Gotthard Tunnel

John Lovda

I sent an e-mail to the Gottardo2016 offices regarding the events on June 4 and 5. Here is the woman's response:

Dear Mr Lovda
Thank you for your email. As train enthusiast you will definitely enjoy the programme of the public event.
The celebrations will take place on four sites, namely the former installation sites of Rynächt and Pollegio, Erstfeld and Biasca. Highlights of the public event are tunnel rides with the Gotthard shuttle train at up to 200 km/h, presentations by Swiss artists and an interactive multimedia exhibition on the Gotthard.
Other activities include visiting the maintenance and intervention centres (MIC) in Erstfeld and Biasca, seeing a fire and rescue train in action and getting a feeling for the real-life working conditions of a miner in a fascinating tour circuit. Quiz fans will have the chance to test their knowledge of tunnel trivia and amateur photographers can participate to a photo-sharing contest. Food, beverages and merchandising stands will also be present.
In April 2016 you will find a detailed programme for the public event on our website At that point you will also be able to book a ticket for a special journey through the tunnel.

Kind regards,
Sophie Nägeli

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