SBB Cargo Re4/4ii hires


On a 10 day visit to Switzerland and have seen the following SBB Re4/4ii locos on hire to Personenverkehr: 11243/244/245/247/248/251/258 and 421371/378/383/382/394 working in the Basel/Zürich/Luzern "whirlpool".
11255 has been on Zürich depot all week. 11259 was seen this morning at Bellinzona on a freight and appeared to have UIC-18 pol markings on the front in the usual place, so this may be an addition to the pool, as I haven't seen this one reported as modified.
In addition, Personenverkehr 11200 has gained its full EVN (91 85 4420 200 CH-SBB) on the bodyside, but unlike the Cargo locos so treated retains its chrome 11200 numbers on the front.

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