Aarau-Olten line

Martin Baumann

By the end of 2020 SBB will have four tracks throughout between Aarau and Olten

The current situation (Bahnprofil Schweiz)

Aarau km 41.51 to Wöschnau crossovers km 43.44 = 50.77 4 tracks

Wöschnau to Däniken 50.77 to 45.67 2 tracks

Däniken to Dulliken 45.67 to 42.94 (20m missing after re-alignment) 3 tracks

Dulliken to Olten Ost 42.94 to 41.25 4 tracks

Olten Ost to Olten 41.25 to 39.30 3 tracks

Between Wöschau and Däniken tracks 3 and 4 will be a completely new alignment, largely in the 3114m Eppenberg tunnel. Adding the third or forth track on the other sections will be either side of the existing alignment.

The first track alteration as part of the project came into use on 25 January as part of the layout of the future junction for the tunnel. On this date a new eastbound track came into use from a point approximately 600m west of Wöschau to the crossovers. The former eastbound track became the westbound track on February 1st at which point the old westbound track was taken out of use but it will see use as a siding later this year in connection with the tunnel construction

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