What is in Erstfeld now?

John Lovda

I will be going to Switzerland next week which will include attending the base tunnel celebration and riding through the tunnel on June 5. I want to travel around the country and take some train pictures like I have in the past. I have not been there since 2011. I was looking at some Google Earth views of the Erstfeld depot area. They were last updated in 2013. The entire area around the model railroad club, the employee parking lot and the former spot where the crocodile stood was torn up. What is there now? Is there still a large locomotive parking area on the north side of Schlossbergstrasse or has it moved to the tunnel entrance further north? I want to go there a few days before the big celebration but only of it worth the trip. I also remember hearing about an SBB cafeteria across the street from the station that was open to the public. I that still there?


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