Re: What is in Erstfeld now?



in addition to the Gotthard Base Tunnel, if you are not planning on returning to Switzerland for a few years, you may want to take this opportunity to ride the Voralpen Express, as the Revvivo consists will be phased out in the coming years in favour of Stadler unit trains.

This will probably be your last opportunity to take a ride on one of the remaining NPZ EWI Pendel consists (Re 4/4II plus EWII and BDt) which are used as reserve/supplementary trains. There is nothing like riding the rails with the window down, something which cannot be done on today's trains anymore.

If you are in Zurich, the number of Tram 2000 units will be dropping as they are phased out in favour of new units.

I look forward to seeing the photos online once you are back from your trip.


Mike C

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