Re: Gotthard event - special trains to event?

John Lovda

I went from Bellinzona to Zurich today (Thursday) and passed through Biasca, Erstfeld and the North Tunnel entrance (what ever the name is). The north entrance event looks to be huge, probably 20+ corporate tents in an area 500 meters long. About half as much stuff in Biasca, nothing that I could see at Erstfeld except a restored green Ae 6/6 Cantonlok sitting in the depot area. At Biasca there were three long trains sitting on sidings that I presume are to return riders to the north end on the 4th. My friend and I have 1 cl tickets early on the 5th to the south end and will ride through the tunnel from S to N as we think it will be less crowded. My second ride past the Wassen church in three days. By the way, the event on June 1st was the "official" opening with political speeches, etc. All the people on the train won an SBB lottery but had to be Swiss citizens for security reasons. I'm looking forward to 17 minutes of concrete walls at very high speeds!! Sort of like being in Times Square on New Years Eve.


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