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The existing Albula tunnel was in need of serious repair work which would
have cost almost the same as a new tunnel. The original tunnel was not built
to modern escape requirements. The whole story in English is here:
nel. There is a 360 degree web cam of the Preda site:



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I went through the Albula tunnel on Wednesday. At Preda there was an amazing
array of conveyors removing crushed stone from the new Albula Tunnel to be
completed in 2020. Can someone answer a question regarding the new tunnel?
Why are they digging it? It's supposed to run parallel to the current
tunnel, no shorter or longer. It will not be used for bidirectional traffic;
the current tunnel will be used for emergency purposes only. I assume that
means there will be several cross links. Does the current tunnel have
structural problems? Will it be too small for future trains?


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