Lausanne Depot

John Lovda

Over the past 20 odd years when I came to Switzerland on photo trips I made it a point to stop at the Lausanne depot (the side closest to the Gare CFF with the turntable). Always a lot of material for photos. I have some wonderful pictures of Ae 6/6's taken inside from about 10 years ago. SURPRISE! Went there this morning and it looked like Hiroshima. It's gone, flat to the ground. I will post some pictures on Flickr when I return home on Wednesday and post the link here.

I will also post some pictures of the Gotthard Base Tunnel celebration next week. I was there on June 6th and went through the tunnel S > N. The white Gotthardo 460 was pulling my train. The Erstfeld depot is now, at least in part, run by SBB Historic. A new depot building has been added and the long area to the south of the large original depot building has been completely redone with new tracks and walking areas. The old "monument" Krokodil that used to sit by the depot office was sitting in the back on regular tracks. I saw a lot of historic loks including the Elephant steam lok as well as a new Vectron.

The sad part of this trip (my first in five years) was that there are nothing but Re 460's and Re 4/4 II's in plain view. I only saw a 5-6 Re 6/6's. The country has been overridden, not by locusts, but what I call high speed Zurich trams like the Thurbo. I personally have little interest in them and don't know any of the models or numbers. I guess that's progress.

John Lovda

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