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Just a question on the line speed in the tunnel. During the planning pahse, I remember or seem to remember the talk was always about a 250km/h top speed.Now the media seem to be reporting that the top speed in the tunnel is 200km/h. Has there been a stealthy readjustment, or did I miss some news that this was down-specced? Or is it 200km/h for now but with the possibility of going to 250 in principle?

They might have realized that accelerating the IC trains is not bringing more throughput for the tunnel.

The time difference on the tunnel transit, between an IC-train and a freight train is already between 15-20 minutes.

So the max. they can get through now is 2 IC, one every half hour and two freight trains in between.
Gives 2 IC and 4 Freights, 6 trains in total per hour per direction.

A rather "poor" capacity for such a project.

The only way to put more freights through, would be slowing the IC trains to 160 kmh.


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