Re: Gotthard Base Tunnel open


On Tue, 7/6/16, Guerbetaler wrote: However, Hauenstein-Basis was the first tunnel carrying "Basis" in its name. But then again, you could also argue that the Ricken Tunnel was the first base tunnel.

I agree about the 'basis' name and that's what I meant by the Hauenstein being referred to as that in SBB Publications

I thought about the Ricken, but it is not a Base tunnel except in a geographical way (ie altitude of portals).

The accepted definition of a railway base tunnel is that it replaces an already built line connecting the same two places, as is clearly the case with the LBT, GBT, Monte Ceneri, Zimmerberg II, Hauenstein etc

Then of course we get on to the subject of 'sideways base tunnels' tunnels built parallel to an existing line to make a line more direct, as in the case of the lines alongside Lac Neuchatel, Walensee etc (The Adler tunnel comes into this category)

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