Re: Gotthard Base Tunnel open, tunnel capacity


The Luino line formed part of the original intended connection to Genoa and Torino. The builders of the Gotthard route saw those cities as the southern destination of traffic through the alps. By the time the route was completed, Milano was the preferred destination and Chiasso/Como grew as the border station while Luino became a secondary crossing. The line to Luino was only electrified in the late 1960s.

I guess that much of this had to do with the fact that trains were sorted in Milano and could be routed to points throughout Italy while trains through Luino were more limited in sorting possibilities. With the development of container terminals in Novara, Gallarate and Busto Arzizio, the Luino line gained in importance, aided by the fact that those terminals were now connected to both the Gotthard and Simplon routes as well as the east-west routes to Torino and France.


Mike C

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