Dating major Swiss rail visual changes

John Lovda

I have been looking at my slides and images of Swiss trains lately and I am mentally trying to date some of the bigger visual changes I've seen since my first trip in 1983. I know some were gradual but what would be the approx. year of greatest change? Can anyone date this list? There are probably many others but these are the ones I remember noticing:

1. Red locomotives appear
2. Ae 4/7's begin to fade away
3. Re 460's appear
4. Rect. headlamps and angled front handrails appear
5. Air conditioning on Re 4/4 II and Re6/6's appear
6. Re 4/4 I's begin to fade away.
7. Steuerwagens and push-pull trains appear
8. Red and blue CARGO locomotives appear
9. IC-2000 coaches appear
10: Wappen on Ae 6/6's disappear
11. ICN trains appear
12. Thurbo type passenger trains appear
13. The first "German made" (i.e. Re 482, etc.) CARGO locomotives appear

This may be an interesting puzzle.



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