Re: Dating major Swiss rail visual changes

Chris Wood

12. Thurbo type passenger trains appear

I am presuming that by Thurbo, you actually mean the introduction of the Stadler Flirt and Kiss type
trainsets, the first of which was the new trainsets for the Seetal line and was followed by the Flirts
for local traffic and then the KISS for regional traffic.
I read that reference as being to the Stadler GTW sets, rather than the more recent (and in many ways more conventional) Flirts and Kisses.

The GTW sets are distinguished by having a four-wheeled power unit in or near the middle of the set. It has a walkway through it, but no seats. Whilst (I presume) all the ones built for Switzerland are electric, there are probably more diesel variants world-wide. I rode one from Potsdam to Schönefeld a few years back, and boy was it noisy. Ear-defenders definitely recommended for walking through the power unit.

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