Re: Dating major Swiss rail visual changes

Andrew Moglestue

12. Thurbo type passenger trains appear > >
I am presuming that by Thurbo, you actually mean the introduction of the Stadler Flirt and Kiss type trainsets, the first of which was the new trainsets for the Seetal line and was followed by the Flirts for local traffic and then the KISS for regional traffic. Wasn't MThB a pilot customer for the GTW, at least as far as the standard gauge version is concerned? These were the box shaped ones manufactured prior to Stadler introducing their signature rounded front end. These were later absorbed by SBB and are presently operating under the Thurbo brand alongside more modern GTWs. I think these started in 1997 but I'm sure Markus knows the details.Aren't the Seetal units a fair bit newer than these?

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