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Am 23.06.2016 um 18:40 schrieb Martin Baumann:
11663 (green) worked a private charter from Olten to Bellinzona (via
Lenzburg-Wohlen-Arth Goldau) today. The return train ran via the GBT
worked by 460 098. Who chartered the train is unknown.
just returned from a little outing on the Gotthard :-)

The event was some sort of "after-celebration" of Gotthard opening for the staff of the Federal Office of Transport, including some of the former staff of the office.

The train was composed from:
Re 6/6 11663 "Eglisau"
Apm 61 85 10-90 208-2
Apm 61 85 10-90 207-4
Apm 61 85 10-90 213-2
SR 61 85 89-90 100-7
Apm 61 85 10-90 221-5
Apm 61 85 10-90 204-1
Apm 61 85 10-90 217-3

On the way back it was necessary to take an Re 460 with us, as the
Re 620 isn't fitted with 18-pole cable, which is mandatory for the GBT. So the Re 460 098 was put at the rear to provide the necessary security functions. Traction remained at Re 6/6 which was put at the other end.

Apart from that it was a marvellous day and hundreds of school classes had their annual "Schulreise", filling many trains more than usual.

Markus, G�rbetal

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