Re: TGV Gare De l'Est to Zurich/Basel

Krist van Besien

Personally, a much more usefull service than a TGV-Lyria to Paris Est would
be a Basel - Strasbourg - Lille Europe - Brussel service. That would be
usefull for people travelling to London as well...


On Fri, Jul 22, 2016 at 2:02 AM Gordon Wiseman
[SwissRail] <> wrote:

True the travel times are similar via the two routes and will be better
when the LGV Est phase 2 opens fully.

However, there are several counter-arguments to George's argument:

1) The TGVs to Basel only use a comparatively short section of the LGV
Sud-Est as far as Pasilly, after which they are clear of other Paris - Lyon
– Marseille traffic. Even if the Basel TGVs were removed from this northern
section Paris – Pasilly, their place would be taken by other trains needed
to fill the gaps left in the service Paris - Dijon.

2) as I previously mentioned, all Swiss services are Lyria, and they need
to serve western Switzerland from Gare de Lyon, as well as Basel and Zürich
so it makes commercial sense for Lyria to use just one Paris terminus.

3) Remember it is not all about Paris (or travellers from the UK...)!
Routing all eastern Swiss-destined Lyria via Dijon caters for passengers
originating in Burgundy, Franche Comté and the Jura travelling to
Switzerland. They also serve the internal French market Burgundy – Alsace.

Posted by: Gordon Wiseman <>

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