Vereina shut or SBB timetable glitch

glenn allen

I'm trying to work out a trip from Scuol to Filisur by way of Klosters using the SBB website.

Using tomorrow as a date and 11:15 as a departure time I'm getting a bit of a run around.
First train is 19:41 in the evening, only earlier connection is :
Walk to Scuol Tarasp staziun
11:30 bus to Martina, cunfin
12:00 bus to Landeck-Zams
14:32 train Landeck-Zams to Sargans
16:33 train to Landquart
17:13 train Schiers
bus from there to Kueblis and another bus on to Klosters

No trace of problems on the SBB website, nothing on the RhB site. I know the RhB line from Thusis to Tiefencastel is shut, but no mention of problems through the tunnel or at Klosters

I've also tried Klosters to Landquart and Klosters to Davos, also come up with a bus (or 5).

anybody know what is going on?


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