SBB/OBB/RhB Chur to Basel 28/11

RhB mixed freight morning turn was 701.
08.35 Chur-Zúrich was a unit vice hauled set09.09 Chur-Basel was 460040.09.37 Sargans-Buchs was 11299 handing over to 1116-061+1116-139 for the run into Austria.10.12 Buchs-Zurich was 1116-211.
Only requiring the unique grenn livery 4/4 most of the day was spent around Zúrich HBF. Thankfully between the breaks in activity the xmas market is now open. Here is a list of departures with the inbound locomotives.
11.36 to Schaffhuasen was 11303 with 11149 working the train in.11.36 to Basel was 460047 with 11156 working the train in.12.08 to Basel was 11127.12.09 to Locarno was 11181 with 11157 working the train in.12.09 to St Gallen was 11156 with 11140 working the train in.12.35 to Schaffhausen was 11301 with 11155 working the train in.12.36 to Basel was 421383 with 11133 working the train in.13.08 to Basel was 11133 with a 460 working the train in.13.35 to Schaffhausen was 11151 with 11304 working the train in.14.09 to Locarno was 11157 with 11197 working the train in.14.35 to Schaffhausen was 11304 with 11303 working the train in.15.08 to Basel was 11303 with 11196 working the train in.16.00 ARRIVAL from Basel was 11108.15.09 to St Gallen was a 460 with 11127 bringing the train in.15.35 to Schaffhusen was 11130 with 11301 bringing the train in.15.36 to Basel was 11127 with 11302 bringing the train in.18.09 to Chiasso was 11247+11156.18.09 to Múnich/St Gallen was 421371+394.
Afternoon Lion pairs were...
15.40 from Zúrich HBF was 420206+208.16.01 from Hardbrucke was 420218+224.16.21 from Stadelhofen was 420212+226.16.31 from Hardbrucke was 4202201+214.16.40 from Zúrich HBF was 420229+215.17.01 from Hardbrucke was 420217+209.17.20 from Zúrich HBF was 420222+230.

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