Re: Cargo Re 4/4 II stored

csipromo posted several photos of 11256 and mentioned that the locomotive belonged to SRT (Swiss Rail Traffic). You mention that 11182 is leased to Widmer Rail Service. I knew that SBB was trying to find lease clients for it's CH/DE Re 421, but I did not know that the Re 4/4II were also being leased. At first I thought it was due to lack of business, but it seems that the SBBC sought to lease it's DE/CH material and substitute it with material that was more widely (including NL/BE/DE/AT/CH/IT) capable

The photos show 11256 pulling the RailAdventure cars attached to the X-2000 for it's return north to Sweden from Samstagern.

Is there a list of Re 4/4II (Re 420) being used by other operators in Switzerland? shows Re 421 on lease to:
MWB (Mittelweserbahn)
HSL (Hamburg based Operator)
MTEG (Muldental Eisebahnverkehrsgesellschaft)

I don't know if this info is current.
The site does not provide information on Re 420 (Re 4/4II) which are only homologated for Switzerland.

It was also reported here that SBBC might acquire the remaining Re 436 from Crossrail, but this has not been confirmed. SBBC has previously leased loks from Crossrail/RM to use on the Gotthard route.


Mike C

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