Re: White Re 4/4II

John Lovda

The SBB Werbeloks are covered with a 3M printed adhesive sheet. There are some sign companies here in my city that print these advertising sheets for cars and trucks. Once at the Zurich HB many years ago I was standing up close to the chrome Rentenstalt Zurich Life lok and some of the sheet edges around the driver's handrails, etc. was peeling off.

Quite a few years ago with nothing to do I dug my way down into the SBB website and found the page regarding advertising on locomotives. At that time, maybe ten years ago, the cost was SF 200K per year plus SF 50K to prep and finally remove the sheets. This price did not include the cost to the advertiser of the creation of the graphic design. I am guessing that there were some older designs, such as "Historic," that were probably painted. A mechanical engineer (not a train driver) at the RhB in Landquart told me they charge SF 100K per year.


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