SBB in Cuba


We know of BLS coaches sold to North Korea and deliveries of Swiss-built coaches to Mexico and Saudi-Arabia. But did you know that you can travel in ex-SBB coaches from Habana to Santiago de Cuba?

When the Cisalpin TEE changed from RAe TEE II to Inox coaches plus locomotives, SBB purchased five of these Inox coaches in 1974 and numbered them 61 85 18-89 000 - 004. Ten years later TGVs took over and SBB sold their coaches to SNCF. They were renumbered 61 87 18-89 000 - 004 and were used for another ten years to Brussels. By 1995 the ex-SBB coaches were withdrawn and by 1996 also all other Inox coaches. But in 1999 SNCF sold 44 coaches to Cuba, including the five es-SBB coaches!

An article in Semaphor 52 says that one train is working again since Autumn 2016 and doing two weekly returns on the Habana - Santiago de Cuba line.


Markus, G├╝rbetal

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