Stanserhornbahn Funicular - the 2 abandoned upper sections.


Hello all.

As I am spending a week in Weggis in early July this year, I am thinking of taking a one-way trip up the Stanserhorn and then walking back down, specifically to try and trace the 2 abandoned upper sections of the Stanserhornbahn Funicular, between Kalti, Blumatt and Stanserhorn Kulm. From the Swisstopo aerial photo map I can clearly see much of the top section, especially that the main footpath down the mountain runs alongside part of the funicular track near the old Blumatt interchange station.

It would also appear that much of the funicular's track is still in situ, albeit rusted from long disuse. Is this the case, and just how much of the top and middle sections can be seen on the ground?

Is there anywhere online where I could find photos of the 2 abandoned funicular sections as they look now?


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