Remaining Ee 3/3

Martin Baumann

The Zürich locos only see occasional use when a 923 is not available but still occasionally get swapped with Chur.  16447 was recently transferred from SBB-P Bellinzona to Infra and 16406 could follow as there is now no work for Ee 3/3 in Bellinzona. 16451 only sees sporadic use in Basel

16362 SBB-P Zürich
16383 SBB-P Chur
16388 SBB-P Zürich
16393 Works shunter Yverdon
16406 SBB-P Bellinzona not in use
16408 SBB-P Biel
16410 SBB-P Zürich
16430 SBB-P Zürich
16440 SBB-P Chur
16447 SBB Infra Lausanne Triage
16451 SBB-P Basel
16456 SBB Infra Lausanne Triage
16460 SBB-P Brig
16515 Works shunter Yverdon

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