Re: Mirage on South Shore (was Re: Two "oldies" questions)


What was the impact of the operational areas of the Mirage and RBe 4/4 with the delivery of the RABDe 8/16 and later by the Re 450 and finally RABe 511/514. I remember in 1985 the Ae 4/7 had been replaced on the South side of the Zuerichsee by Re 4/4II and RBe 4/4 with pilot coaches. AFAIR these were mainly BDt EWII and BDt Haessliches Entlein with the Re 4/4II and Dt EWII with the RBe 4/4.

I think that that trip was the first time that I had seen Mirage trainsets in MU operation. I took a Mirage train from Zuerich to Waedenswil, changed to the SOB to Samstagern and then down to Wollerau. The return trip to Zuerich from Pfaeffikon SZ was a RBe 4/4 Pendel.


Mike C

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