Re: Locomotive photography near Erstfeld.


(1) Erstfeld and the Gotthard mountain route is now completely dead for freight on a normal day, as has been discussed on this and other forums many times over the past year. Erstfeld feels almost like an abandoned wild west movie set.

There are a few possible viewpoints around the Rynächt site, which is accessible using the Fluelen Gruonbach - Göschenen bus, which also gets you to photo spots in Fluelen, BTW

(2) Few people would recognise the phrase "huge freight terminal at Dietikon". I recommend you use the well-known official title Rangierbahnhof Limmattal (RBL).

The classic place to photograph trains arriving and leaving RBL is Killwangen Spreitenbach station, where trains approach from the west from three different routes. You can see the junction from the platform so you know which way a freight had come from (Heitersberg, Baden or Otelfingen) . Most then climb up the double track ramp up to the flyover which takes freights from north to south side of the main line.
There are also two road bridges with pavements (sidewalks) and a footbridge over the yard.

There are hundreds of photo locations at stations or on roads and paths easily walkable from stations on the whole of the Gotthard route from Basel to Chiasso.
Immediately north and south of the base tunnel, Fluelen is the obvious place, some locations have been ruined by sound barriers but Altdorf and Sisikon (just about) are OK. Industriestrasse 20 mins north of Brunnen is nice. In Ticino, Castione Arbedo is OK and Giubiasco station is very open.

May I humbly suggest that you do your own research. Sattelite, and now street view, imagery is now available for most places and is an easy way to get an idea of how good a location will be. google maps gives you walking distances and times.

jlovda wrote:

(1) Since the Gotthard Base Tunnel is now open I assume there is almost no freight
traffic sitting at Erstfeld Is it possible to get close via bus to Rynächt
(2) Is the huge freight terminal at Dietikon the same way?
(3) If anyone has some suggestions for photo locations that do
not require a car or taxi ride,

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