Re: Freight on the Gotthard route


Am 02.01.2018 um 04:58 schrieb [SwissRail]:
A few years ago, it was possible to see TX Logistics, Rail4Chem,
NordCargo, Veolia (Captrain) and other haulage on the Gotthard
Please distinguish between
- locomotive/wagon owner
- locomotive/wagon keeper
- train operator (RU = railway undertaking)
- traffic operator (esp. in combined traffic)

You might see a CEMAT (container traffic operator) train containing I-CEMAT wagons plus leased DE-VTGD wagons being pulled by a Nordcargo locomotive, owned by MRCE, running under the responsibility of BLSC as RU within Switzerland. This doesn't mean that the driver must be employed by BLSC, he could just as well be from MEV ...

The only company that disappeared from the list of RUs on Swiss tracks was Crossrail.

Markus, G�rbetal

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