Re: SBB Cargo locos


What are the current areas of operation of the following lok classes?

Re 421
Re 482
Re 484
Re 474
193 Vectron ELL (2 Pantos)
193 Vectron ELL (4 Pantos)
193 Vectron LokRoll SBBCI

I understand that SBB is also operating a number of BR 186 that it took over from Crossrail.
What are they used for?

I presume that the 2 Panto ELL Vectrons are used in DE/AT only.
Are the 4 Panto ELL Vectrons coming into CH regularly?
Are the Crossrail 186 all D/A/CH/I

A number of 482 were leased to other operators in a deal with RailPool. At the time of the deal, SBBC in exchange leased at least one BR 186. What is the current status of those 482 subleases?

I had heard reports that many of the Re 421 were being used domestically and not as frequently in Germany as other tractive stock was available (and preferred).

It seems to me that SBBC appears to have limited potential to serve Antwerp and other points in Belgium and France.

Are the 484 and 474 still coming north of Bellinzona or is their primary area of operation still in Ticino and Italy?


Mike C

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