Re: SBB Cargo locos

Ewan Tait

Based on observations last summer:

On 11 Apr 2018, at 00:04, [SwissRail] <> wrote:

I presume that the 2 Panto ELL Vectrons are used in DE/AT only.
Are the 4 Panto ELL Vectrons coming into CH regularly?
I saw plenty of Vectron MSs in CH.

Are the Crossrail 186 all D/A/CH/I
I think so, but RailColor is worth checking.

A number of 482 were leased to other operators in a deal with RailPool. At the time of the deal, SBBC in exchange leased at least one BR 186. What is the current status of those 482 subleases?
Summer 2016 there were still Re 482s leased to other operators in Germany, but RailColor suggests that they are now generally leased directly rather than via Railpool.

Are the 484 and 474 still coming north of Bellinzona or is their primary area of operation still in Ticino and Italy?
I haven’t seen any Re 484s north of Bellinzona recently, but Re 474s were quite frequent last summer. Since the GBT opened, they can now work solo from Basel SBB RB to Italy.


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