RhB Sat 26.05.18


Sat 26.05.18

Todays plan was the RhB Krokodil turn & a day covering the Ge4/4.IIs on the RhB, along with the new Ge6/6.II turn in the afternoon. Stopping in Chur at the Zunfthaus zur Rebleuten, found on Booking.com. Note this is not a cheap area of the country to stop in.
After a rather long night and a quick coffee & croissant in Basel, I jumped on the 06.33 direct to Landquart. Straight onto a train to Davos Platz, arriving 09.57. A quick supermarket sweep in the co-op across the road & on the Krokodil at 10.18.

Krok 414. 10.18 Davos Platz - Filisur, 11.06 back. It then does a turn in the afternoon, details on RhB website.
There is a second krok turn but that starts next week!

The Ge6/6 turn, (1358) 16.47 St Moritz - Landquart produced 704.

602 Landquart shed

Ge4/4.II :
611 613 616 620 622 624 626 627 628 629 632 all working
630 freight
633 stabled Landquart

642 646 648 649 651 all working

A decent day with fantastic weather, longest delay was 3mins!


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