Re: Intermodal trains in Basel SBB station

George Raymond

and for fear of stating the obvious, some of the freight passing
through Basel SBB is going to / from France.
I was going to make a similar observation, but there has been some comment about >Intermodals adjacent to platform 31, which perhaps tallies with a train routed off the line >from Basel Bad, whereas the trains Muttenz - France and vv usually travel round the 'far' >(west) side of Basel SBB on the dedicated freight tracks
Freight trains to/from France usually run on the two tracks without platforms that bypass Basel SBB to the south. The intermodal trains I have been seeing are stopped on the northernmost through tracks, including track 4 and those nearby (5, 6, 7...). (I haven't been there this week to check if this is still going on.)


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