Re: RhB in next decade


In terms of infrastructure, the new double track sections don't make a huge difference, they just continue the policy of having more double track sections, and 'extended loops' all of which help to keep existing trains on time (as can be witnessed at Thusis and Filisur).

The Hinterrheinbrucke doubling eliminates the single track bottleneck between Reichenau Tamins and the split of the Disentis and Thusis lines which has the obvious benefit of 'keeping the two routes apart' and thus easing conflicts in the area.

The Bever - Samedan doubling will have a similar effect with Albula line and the Engadine line, so for example the superb parade of trains both ways I have photographed at Bever on three occasions over the last 2 years (8 trains 11.16 - 12.16) would not be like it is now when each one has to wait for the next and 'lowest priority' (in this case the Albula tunnel freight feeder with Ge4/4I) sits patiently at Samedan awaiting for a path .

The Sils extension will help crossing trains keep to time as the existing extended loop at the Sils end of Thusis even now doesn't always keep trains on time

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