Re: Status of BLS Cargo locomotives (leased)


just back from CH.

full report to follow when I've worked out what was what.

in the meantime,

I dedicated Thursday to the Lotschberg route and saw some BLSC activity on Wed and Fri too.

Of note relating to this discussion were:
193 490 (plain blue) paired with 475 407 (BLSC livery with ice axe picture) on Hupac (I think)

single and pairs of 485 and 486 (as per the 'standard' of recent years)

186 907 (plain white) D-XRail paired with 186 903 D-XRail (white Crossrail livery)

186 105 (Railpool BLSC ice axe) paired with 486 510 BLSC

193 478 + 193 xxx SBBC-I

475 404 on its own on Wetron intermodal

475 409 single Ambrogio (on the Gotthard route)

a pair of UID 475s speeding through Olten

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