Re6/6 tour with Verbano Express on 15 December

Heléna Moretti

The Verbano Express tour from Luino, Maccagno and Bellinzona will travel to Zurich over the old Gotthard route with an Re6/6 as the motive power. Leaving Luino around 07:30 and arriving at Zurich 11:20 and noon it is scheduled to return at 17:10 with drop off times of 20:15 at Bellinzona, 20:50 at Maccagno and 21:00 at Luino.
Details at 

Prices are 50 Euro for adults (25 for youngsters under 12) 
NOTE: This is now running on the Saturday and tickets can be booked online at the following link 

I'll be there!Helena 
P.S. It was 11624 last year and is again expected to be an ETCS-fitted Re6/6 from Cargo Domicil (which includes 11605-11639).

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