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What would have been the formation of the two trains, early and late,
advertised as second only, no conductor?
All such trains were usually run with 3001-3002/3301-3302 or
5001-5004/(305-306)/5301-5304. The reason to indicate theam as second
class only can be found in the history, when the local trains were run by 1001.
Perhaps to have the possibility to run these trains with 1001 in case one
of the other trainsets failed, MOB kept the text unchanged. With the new
timetable layout 94/95 it disappeared.

Were post coaches worked to specific diagrams as on the RhB and FO or
just added as required?
I found the postal edition of the official timetable 93/94 and 90/91. In this
edition, there was a red addition showing trains disposed for postal transports
or RPO. It shows, that the following trains were running with RPO: 213/222 and
225/234 and 464 (apparently came back empty or post was transported in the
baggage compartment of 3001-3002):

213 Mx 0700 Zs 0900 Mo - Sa
222 Zs 1200 Mx 1400 Mo - Sa

225 Mx 1300 Zs 1500 Mo - Fr
234 Zs 1800 Mx 2000 Mo - Fr

464 Zs 0626 Sa 0710 Mo - Fr

two RPO met at 1330 in Les Cases

I put a scan of the MOB pages of 93/94 timetable in the files section of
SwissRail, together with explanation of signs.

Markus Giger

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