Re: Cargologic AG


According to what I have been able to find, the BR 186 were assigned to SBBIN. A number of them were sublet to TX Logistics.
The locomotives were registered to Macquarie and SBBIN may have agreed to a temporary deal.
Cargologic AG is the Swiss division of Rhenus Logistics (formerly Rhenus Alpina) and Rhenus is the owner of what remains of Crossrail in Germany and Belgium.
As far as I know, Rhenus continued to use the D-XRAIL NVR. seems to suggest that these loks have reverted back to Rhenus and are now used by that company. It is possible that it is just the title that has changed for the moment, but the operation continues to be SBBC or TXL.
What exactly did SBBIN receive as part of the Crossrail liquidation? I thought that the CH and IT operations of Crossrail were to be merged into SBB Cargo, including the terminals in Wiler and Domodossola. The Re 436 were sold by SBB to WRS. As the BR 186 were leased, the situation was likely more complex.


Mike C

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